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David Rogers' Fine Art Prints : Prints, framed, unframed, canvas; several options. Bird prints and many others.

Birds and Flying, My Life in Korea : A blog about rare poultry preservation in South Korea.

Megumi Cattery : Our Japanese Bobtail Cat website. Breeders located in northern Indiana, U.S.A.

Poultry Information Pages : Informational Articles and Sources.

FeatherSite : Scroll down the page a ways to the very useful A-Z chicken breed reference.

Korean Long-Crowers & Long-Tails Preservation Research Association(KLPA) : The preservation center of rare long tail and long crowing fowl in South Korea.

Long-Tail Fowl and Long-Crowing Fowl Discussion forum

Marc King's site about long-tail fowl, long-crowing fowl, and asian game fowl.

(!) NAIS site operated by the government asking for the public's opinions on the program. Lets give it to them! Your voice counts, let it be heard!

No NAIS Preserve your right to own, farm, and exhibit livestock!

Onagadori South Feather Farm : bantam Phoenix, Imported German Phoenix, and Ohiki

Provers 25:25 Mission to Japan

Stevens Poultry Farm : American and Oriental game fowl, layers, bantams,  golden pheasants, and bronze turkeys.

We The People Will Not Be Chipped! A site against the Verichip, IBM's microchip made for the chipping and tracking of people.