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Long Tailed Fowl

Their History and Care
David Rogers and Toni-Marie Astin



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There are few publications in the western cultures of the world that outline the basic requirements of long tailed fowl.


Nearly four years in the making, Long Tailed Fowl, a guide to long tailed fowl history and management provides information that  will fascinate anyone interested in these beautiful birds.


Those wishing to keep birds carrying the non-molting genes especially require the specialist knowledge that is presented clearly and concisely. Included are chapters on history, housing, grooming, dietary requirements, breeding and flock management, with practical information relevant to long tailed breeds. Centuries-old Japanese rearing methods are combined with current knowledge and practice to present a comprehensive and indispensable source of information for the enthusiast.


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Long Tailed Fowl is a perfect bound, 8.5" x 5.5", 84 page, soft cover publication with several black and white illustrations and 17 color pages.

ISBN 978-1-57472-414-1


Contents include -

Breed History and Development of the Japanese Onagadori, 尾長鶏

Other Long Tailed Breeds


The Non-Molting Gene

Dietary Requirements


Hatching and Caring for Offspring

Caring for Adolescent Birds

Culling, Selecting for Quality



Diagnosing Minor and Common Illnesses


Glossary of Poultry Terms

Acknowledgments and Thanks

About the Authors

Appendix 1 - Tomebako Building Plans

Appendix 2 - Japanese Names and Words Explained

Appendix 3 - Probable Movement of the Ancestors of Long Tailed Breeds