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I have raised poultry for nearly my entire life. I got back into long-tails big time in 1995. My Phoenix are a blend of  Ismer German Phoenix, Schubert German Phoenix, an existing U.S. line Phoenix, a true Onagadori and Ohiki; a true bantam.


In 2002 I was able to import many breeds of poultry from Switzerland. Among those were the Phoenix. Over the last few years I have placed most of those with reputable breeders. I like bantams best and can keep more of them than I can large fowl.

Blended the Phoenix with the Ohiki to produce a very nice line of bantam Phoenix. The bantam Phoenix have the non-molting genes very heavily in my lines. That came from several different places. Some came from an Onagadori hen I crossed with an Ohiki years back. I also crossed a couple of existing U.S. line long-tails that were the old Kriner line from years ago. With all these birds I carefully blended, tested all the cock birds for the non-molting gene. With a special diet and temperatures above 50ºF I was able to keep a few cocks' tails growing to the longest of 14 feet on one. This is VERY hard work because the birds must be kept in exhibition quality condition all the time, walked daily, fed a special diet and groomed constantly.

With all this blending of the birds I was able to produce a fantastic line of very nice bantam Phoenix. I still have a few large fowl left but don't actively breed those. I keep a few of them for there unique feather qualities that the Schubert Phoenix have. Sometimes I can still use them when need be. I am very knowledgeable in genetics and learned most only through breeding birds together and logging down what colors and types that came out. I also attended school and worked in the medical field for over 10 years.

 I occasionally have birds for placement into new homes. However, I can't guarantee the length of tails that my birds' offspring will have. I can only say that the genes from my best birds are in them. How the genes come out may vary from one bird to another due to some genes' recessive nature.


For Bio-Security purposes, I only ship eggs. I do not allow people to pick up eggs or stock at my farm. In some rare cases I may ship live fowl. This is at my discretion on a by the situation basis. I would like to thank Mac King for all the help in importing. Marc's website is


I would also like to thank my best friend, David Rogers, for web design, birds and way to many other things to list. David's website Megumi Aviary.


I hope you enjoy my site. Toni-Marie



Astin line Bantam Phoenix and Ohiki.



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