Long crowers: Same group of imports as the Ohiki in 2002 from Switzerland - Denizli and Tomaru.

The Tomaru are doing well. The Denizli were slow to go at first, but seem to be acclimating to their new environment now. Even the pures are going strong now and the most recent generations are hatching and surviving well.

In late 2004 I asked David Rogers, of Megumi Aviary, to take over the Tomaru project due to my need to prioritize for space. He accepted the offer and is currently working on this breed. I have one remaining pair that I am working with as time and space allow. -




Denizli rooster crowing

Denizli hens
9 month-old Denizli cockerel

Denizli Rooster Crowing

Six month old Denizli cockerel, not yet mature in voice or body.

Denizli trio, photo courtesy of
恵 Megumi Aviary
These birds display the gold pattern. This was the color of the majority of the 2002 imports.


Tomaru rooster
Summer facial pigment

Young Tomaru cockerel at 10 months of age.
Spring facial pigment

Tomaru hens

Tomaru rooster head: Note the facial pigment; summer phase.

Tomaru Rooster
Winter facial pigment

Tomaru Rooster
Winter facial pigment

Tomaru Flock
Late fall / early winter facial pigment

Tomaru Pair
Summer facial pigment

Astin line Tomaru Rooster Crowing - Courtesy of
恵 Megumi Aviary
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